We are Passhionate About

Digital Marketing

Web & App Development

Email Marketing

All the Business professionals still believes that Email is the most professional media to communicate.Our 45M+ fresh email database can scale up anyone's business .We work on various models like CPM/CPC/CPO/CPL/CPA/CPS.

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Mobile Marketing

Almost 65% of Internet users are in Mobile and this static makes this Mobile Marketing industry as the most relevant place to hit targeted audience.We work with various models like CPM/CPC/CPL/CPA/CPI to reach your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media,being the parts and parcel of our life,ranks the top among the choices of the Marketing head of every advertising company and Brand Owner.We help you to grow up running effective campaign in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,Linkedin ,Youtube,etc.


If you are not ranking top of the Google list,you should not expect to take forward your business to the next level.Our expert team help you to maximize the performance of your website by finding appropriate keyword and on/off page optimization.

Display Marketing

There are various type of display campaign which we work with.We have the collection of mostly the highly popular websites in the world. We can run POP Up/Under,Banner,Native.We are very much comfortable working with JS tag,XML feed and lots of others.

Content Marketing

Content is something that's the main reason for people to visit your website again and again and that's why it needs to be Supreme and sophisticated.Our creative content writers can do it for you with in no time and with minimum payment like $9 only. Isn't Cool?


Web Development

We can switch any offline Business to online platform overnight and We are working with some of the biggest IT giants in the market.You can find some of their name in our home page.We have not just bounded ourselves in Web development.
We can also do:
LOGO Design,Video Editing,Creating News Portal etc...

APP Development

We have the capability to replicate any website to it's application version for Andriod.We build user friendly apps to make it as the first choice of your customers.We try to keep it light in size so that it can adjust itself in any mobile device without the the thinking of space and storage.You can find lot's of our developed apps in Playstore and in mobiles around you.

We are almost ready with Technologies like...

Artificial Intelligence Marketing 90%
Big Data 80%
Cloud Computing 60%
Blockchain 50%
Robotics 60%
Augment Reality 80%
Quantum Technology 90%

e-Commerce & Best Reselling Platform

We are running one of the most successful eCommerce Business in Indian Market and It is also one of the biggest reselling platform for million of people who can earn from their home using mobile or desktop by reselling and sharing .We are continuously involving more and more people with us and targeting to become the Best and Biggest Online store for the whole world.We are also planning to expend our Online shopping store to Many Developed countries in Europe,Australia and Tire 2,Tire 3 countries as well.Millions of products are there in our store at the possible lowest rate in the market and the things which make us unique is that no one has to pay any delivery charge for any product.

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